Our Team

Our Team

Peel’s boasts a team of dedicated staff who make sure that only the best products are produced for our happy customers.

Craig Campbell

Peel’s Managing Director is Craig Campbell. Craig has been a beekeeper for almost twenty-five years, and is responsible for making sure that Peel’s has only the best local honey! Prior to joining Peel’s, Craig worked as a beekeeper in New Zealand and Australia before returning to South Africa to start his own beekeeping business, KZN Beekeeping.
Craig supplied Peel’s with honey for five years before officially joining the Peel’s team in 2016. Craig is also the Chairman of the KZN Bee Farmers’ Association.


Usha Bhana

Usha Bhana joined John Smith’s Peel’s as a teenager in 1982. Usha’s first job title was Office Clerk, responsible for cashing up the days takings at the original Peel’s Kiosk. Usha took on the role of Manager only five years later.
Thirty-five years later and Usha still personally tastes every batch of Peel’s Honey before it is bottled for our customers. Nobody knows more about Peel’s than Usha!